What is Energise your Future?
Energise Your Future is a unique initiative to allow young people from across the world to debate amongst themselves and with current industry leaders the major issues and challenges facing the energy world in the coming years. More than an event, it is a unique platform for young people to voice their concerns, hopes and expectations about the future of our energy world. A milestone will be the Forum, a three-day event in Paris next November. A community platform, “energisemynetwork” allows people, wherever they are, to help define tomorrow’s energy roadmap and to actively contribute to the agenda of the event.
What is different about Energise Your Future compared to other initiatives?
It is an initiative developed by young people for young people to debate the issues facing the energy world with its current leaders and experts. It is a trans-generational interactive programme at a time where implicating tomorrow’s leaders in developing the necessary energy solutions is crucial. It is a unique opportunity for young people to voice their ideas and for existing leaders and influencers of the industry to really listen to them.
Who is organising Energise your Future?
It is a World Petroleum Council (WPC) sponsored event, organised by the French National Committee of the WPC. The French National Committee has appointed an Executive Committee, composed of key industry players such as Total, Schlumberger and GDF SUEZ, who will define the strategic guidelines of the event and the budgetary implications based on proposals by the Programme Committee. The Programme Committee gathers young professionals from across the world, members of the participating companies, the WPC Youth Committee and SPE.
How will the event be funded?
It will be funded primarily through sponsors, entry fees and the sale of exhibition areas. Major multinationals Total, Schlumberger and GDF SUEZ have already committed as host sponsors and discussions are underway with other major companies across the world. Other confirmed sponsors include: CGGVeritas, Maersk oil, Qatar Petroleum, ONGC, Inpex and IFP.
Who will be involved in Energise Your Future?
The three-day event in Paris from 18 to 20 November 2009 will gather close to 1,000 young professionals, industry experts, students, representatives from the Academic World and media. We expect the network “EnergiseYourNetwork” to involve a much broader audience.
What is EnergiseYourNetwork?
It is the backbone to the three-day event in Paris. It is a community platform to allow young people from across the world to be part of the debate on the key energy and environmental issues that are going to affect their lives in the next thirty years. They can express their ideas and concerns, make suggestions and shape the agenda of the 2nd WPC Youth Forum in Paris in 2009. It is operational now and until well after the event in November 2009.
What will characterise the 2nd WPC Youth Forum in November 2009?
It will be a 3-day interactive and participative event in Paris. The event name, Energise Your Future, will be reflected in everything that happens. It will be stimulating. There will be high level debates in plenary sessions with ample opportunity for the audience to participate thanks to state-of-the-art tools, workshops on specific issues and extensive space allocated for frank and open discussions between the different categories of audiences. Industry leaders and young professionals will be able to debate with university professors, students, experts…
Is the event open to all audiences?
The platform EnergiseYourNetwork is accessible to all audiences, wherever they are based, allowing them to participate in the on-going debate on the energy and environmental issues of the future and to access valuable information. On this website, you can pre-register for the actual event as of today. Registration starts on 15 June 2009.
How can I attend?
First you need to pre-register by clicking here. This will make you an immediate member of the “Energise Your Future” community that will be meeting on the “EnergiseYourNetwork” platform. This platform will be the opportunity for people, wherever they are based to debate key issues facing the energy world in the next 30 years and to define the key topics they want covered in the three-day event in Paris. As places are limited, the more valuable your contributions on the network are, the greater your chances of attending. So join us soon










host sponsors

  • edf
  • schlumberger
  • total
  • PLATINUM sponsors
  • CGG Veritas
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  • Maersk Oil
  • Petroleum Qatar
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  • ONGC
  • Sonangol
  • Inpex
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